About Us

A hybrid to the industry were the most creative, talented, efficient and forward-focused team members of Nichetiles want to create success stories for their partners with Nichetiles branded name products. Nichetiles always bring to market a unique product offering that has yet to be seen.

Nichetiles is a dynamic brand offering a rich and innovative line of surface-covering and home improvement products and related decors in natural stone, metal and other related materials. Our team of designers constantly travels the world in search of new materials and designs. As such, we get the inspiration for our products from all over the world and different schools of design, ranging from classical to ultra-modern. With a respect for traditional design elements, timeless motifs of antiquity, as well as emerging architectural trends, we continuously explore yet-to-be-discovered materials, forms and finishes and blend them in creative ways utilizing our unique Nichetiles philosophy.

While Nichetiles has an amazing program on unique metal tile trims, metal backsplash, decorative liners and border tiles, inserts we also offer the ability to customize and support your customer’s needs. We have developed many products and opportunities for our clients that allow them the comfort to say yes to their clients. This means residential, commercial, unique or special projects. We can help make the clients’ dream come true.

Allow us here at Nichetiles the opportunity to prove to you, why we are the right choice of serving and supporting all your decorative and ceramic tile complimentary pieces.

Welcome to world of Nichetiles,

Think innovative decorative products, a relentless

Commitment to quality and a broad range of exquisite surface coverings at affordable prices.